Released: October 31st 2013

Plot Summary: Henry and June's IntroductionEdit

It's the night of Halloween on 'Kablam!', and Henry and June are hosting a spooky fun Halloween party with music, games, snack foods and activities.

Action League Now: The Case of the Spooky MansionEdit

Thundergirl, Stinky Diver, The Flesh and Meltman go out on a spooky night out to investigate what's going on in a spooky mansion. It turns out to be the super villains playing jokes and pranks on them and making spooky sound effects.

Main comic Edit

Erica and the gang are getting Halloween ready

Sniz and Fondue: Trick or Treating AdventureEdit

Sniz and Fondue go trick or treating with their close friends around the neighborhood city streets.

Main comic Edit

Henry and June introduces Erica and her friends, who does a special Halloween show called "A Girl Who Wears Black In Halloween"

The Offbeats: The Curse of the Living Meat Eating PlantEdit

The Offbeats discover a living meat eating plant and are terrorized by it, and they're not sure how to cut it all the way down to the ground. But in the end, they preform monster mash by bobby boris pickett, led by betty anne bongo

Main comic Edit

Erica and the gang play loads of halloween games

Life with Loopy: Halloween MayhemEdit

Loopy goes on a fantastic adventure to save her spooky fun halloween party from being destroyed.

Henry and June closing counterpartEdit

Henry and June announce this month's winners for best Halloween costume...........and the winner is Hector.......who 1st appeared in the season 2 episode: Won't Stick to Most Dental Work.

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