Musical guest: Taylor Hicks

Featuring: Erica, June

Also Appearing: Henry, Corey, holland, Ryan, sniz, fondue, thundergirl, flesh, stinky diver, iceman, teagan, Dinah, loopy, Larry, mr foot

Segments Edit

Main comic: June transformed into Detective June so she can solve the case of the idenity crisis

The Beach Girls: Two girls named Dinah and Teagan have landed to an island

Main Comic: Holland sees a golden crystal duck that goes quack

Action league now: No Fly Zone

Main comic: June counts how many ducks they swam, but the ducks quack too much noise, making her ears bleed

Sniz & Fondue: Stuntbike Sniz

Main comic: A goose quacks loud, revealing a Golden egg

Life with loopy: Larry tells the story about loopy who is about to get ready for her first day of school

Main Comic: Henry introduces Taylor hicks, who performs Do I Make You Proud

Note Edit

First apperance of new cartoon, the beach girls, a cartoon about two teenage girls who were stranded on a deserted island after her mother’s boat collided

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