Musical Guest: Conrad - Firestone

Special guest: Limahl

Henry and June introduce "What a wonderful day" in sing-song fashion.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Corey: Aw, why do I have to go to bed so soon?

Ryan: Well, like they say, You know

Chief: I'd say they learned one more lesson. 

Mayor: Never bet against Fungi. 

Chief: Up high. 

Mayor: Down low.

Narrator: The end.

Henry: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Children of all ages.

June: can you put your hands together and give it up please, for the Caucasian siblings themselves

Henry and June: David and Bev!

David and Bev: It's a lovely brand new day Time to wake up, time to play

Noon time, lunch time, sun is high Lunch and a nap –the hours fly

Afternoon- it's time for friends Having fun that never ends

Evening comes, the sun goes down Now it's bath and supper time

The sky is dark the stars are bright Now it's time to say goodnight

Female narrator: now it's... Afternoon 

David: Afternoon has come and it's raining outside We better run, let's go home and hide Let's sit by the fire, drink some tea Lovely time for you and me

David and Bev: Maybe we'll go to the kitchen and bake Bread, biscuits or even a cake? Perhaps a fruit salad with apples and pears So many yummy things to prepare

David: It's the afternoon and it's raining some more Let's take our blocks and sit on the floor Let's build a train and drive over the tracks Over the bridge, and under and back

David and Bev: Maybe we'll read a wonderful book? Let's open it up and take a look A book about daring 

Bev: queens 

David: and kings 

David and Bev: And a magical dragon that dances and sings 

David: Afternoon has come and it's raining again Let's play with our dolls and toy airplanes It's often fun to relax and stay inside 

David and Bev: Where we can play and run and hide

Pa pa da da da….

June: (offscreen) What a wonderful day, everybody

Henry: (offscreen) and now, give it up for our final act, Miss Holly!

Holly: Up til' now, my life's been good. Treated me well, I can't complain. Met a guy, raised the kid and every day just felt the same. But there's something deep inside of me that always wanted to be free. And now I think the time is right... [her voice gets higher] to show you what I mean! [takes off her clothes and starts singing I Wanna Be Free]

[Ryan leaves the seat displeased that holly has not failed]

Hector: What's he doing?

Dawn: I don't know, but it's pretty good. Now it's our chance to "assassinate" her! [unties the sand bags, The bags fall]

Corey: Did Sugar drop see any of that?

[Erica looks from side to side backwards the stage]

Dawn: Maybe, she'll notice the trapdoor.

[The trapdoor opens, then it closes, Holly's performance continues]

Erica: [appears between seats] Show yourself, C-Boy, and fight like a man!

Hector: [with a remote in her hands] Let's try the special effects! [pushes every button on the remote]

Erica: Under the seats? [looks beneath the seats]

[The stage is full of flares, colour clouds, etc, making Holly's performance even better]

Harry: [amazed] Whoa, who is this guy?

July: That's one of the girls who go to school! ROCK ON, DUDE!

Holly: I wanna be free... [her voice goes higher, lights shatter, the building's glass shatters, the Kablam bus window cracks, Ryan is sent in a small driving frenzy, which ends with him crashing into a lightpole, breaking it, and having an air bag hit his face.]

Erica: Hol! [the wire is unplugging slowly] Please, come with me now. It's not safe!

Holly: [in a normal tone] No! Go away! [continues singing] [angrily] BUT THAT DOESN'T EXCUSE YOU FOR RUINING MY PERFORMANCE!

[Everyone applauds Holly]

Dawn and Hector: Hurray!

Corey: Awesome, Hol!

July: Way to go, girl! [cheers her] Bravo!

Holly: [pushes Erica out of stage] Thank you, everybody! Thank you!

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