Musical guest: Oasis

Main comic: Within seconds, Henry and June introduce the next cartoon.

What a wonderful day

Main comic: Henry informs June that they have to announce the musical guest, so June replies "Why Don't We!" Henry is confused, and suggest they should introduce them now, so June replies "Well Why Don't We!" Henry wants to know if they're going to introduce the guest or not, so June replies "Then Why Don't We!"

Henry doesn't understand why he keeps looking at the camera like he is, and wants to find out who the musical guest is so they can introduce them, June explains to him that the musical guest is "Oasis with an A!"

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Nathan: Any other tips?

Faith: fun!

Bert Pence: Hey, KaBlamsters! Keep your hiner in the recliner, but still to come...Life with loopy, What a wonderful day....and when we return, more Action league now!. right here on “KaBlam!”

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