Musical guest: Why Don't We - Taking You

Main comic: Mr foot disguises an opera singer, which annoys Holland

Sniz & Fondue - Squeaky Clean

Main comic - Holland sings Over There in various locations

Know your stars - Holland

Main comic - People see Holland singing as part of what she called a much calmer performance

Life with loopy - Goldfish Heaven

Main comic: Within seconds, Henry and June introduce the next cartoon.

Cartoon Information

Main comic: Henry informs June that they have to announce the musical guest, so June replies "Why Don't We!" Henry is confused, and suggest they should introduce them now, so June replies "Why Don't We!" Henry wants to know if they're going to introduce the guest or not, so June replies "Why Don't We!"


Ryan: Any other tips?

Mr foot: Don't have-a the fish!

Holland: (whimpers)

Bert Pence: Hey, KaBlamsters! your voice sounds like a girl, but still to come...Life with loopy, Cartoon information....and when we return, more Know your stars. right here on “KaBlam!”

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