Erica’s outfit - a hot pink sports bra, black jacket that's not zippered up, red wristband, light blue skirt and red trainers

Main comic - Erica sees a box

Physic predictions

Main comic - Erica meets her parents

Action league now

Main comic - Erica and her boyfriend Corey takes a trip to the Fox Show, where people have tons of fun playing games, riding rides, and enjoying the daily show

Anemia & iodine

Main comic - Erica wows the fox owners about how she looks

The Louie & Louie show

Main comic - Erica’s parents perform Saturday Night at the Movies

Quotes Edit

Moon Ska Stompers member: Wake Up The Masses!

Announcer Bert Pence: Assume the crash position. Hold on tight, take a deep breath...for a new kind of cartoon show.

Bert Pence: IIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s KaBlam! Where cartoons and comics collide! Now to take you inside and turn the pages, here is your lovely hostess...Erica!

Erica: hi! My name’s Erica, and welcome to... (looks at the box) what is that? (reads) to miss Erica, hope you like this box

Corey: hi sugar, why the sad face?

Erica: I... I just want to say... I love you, corey

Corey: there there, sunshine, no need to be upset, today's the day our co hosts are out, so, they left us, so, it’s you and me now.

Erica: yay! Thanks!

Corey: dry out these tears because our first cartoon is the girls who has yellow, blue and pink hair, Physic predictions.

Erica: yes! Best cartoon yet! What kind of rules do you have?

Corey: There will be no roughousing, no bullying, and no swearing.

Erica: look, that’s my mum! thats my dad!

Corey: I’ll go for it, This is the dining room where you get to eat your food.

(at the bedroom)

Corey: Now, this is where you sleep in. There are many King-Size Beds to fit multiple people. It also has a large plasma TV and each bed has a cooling system to keep you normal.

Erica: wow, that’s good.

Bert Pence: Hey, KaBlamsters! Stick around for more fun. still to come...Anemia & Iodine, The Louie & Louie Show....and when we return, more Action League Now!. right here on “KaBlam!”

Scott: Welcome back! You know, Lil V took her jacket off because it's too hot.

Rachael: for those who ask, she's a eleventh grade student

Erica: (offscreen) Mum, dad, Those people will just go to the theater with the rest of their friends because I see them sitting down at the tables already. They will see you!

Corey: (offscreen) "Fox owners! Will you 4 kids come over here now, please? You don't wanna miss the show!"

Fox owner 1: OK!

[Cut to: The Fox Theater and the portion. People are sitting in the seats]

June: Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. Everyone of all ages, please welcome the duo,

Henry and June: Christopher and Laudiero!

[Audience cheers]

[The curtains pull up, revealing the actors and singers]

Scott: Good evening everybody! We will have a spectacular night here!

Notes Edit

This is the third time that her parents are musical guests

Henry has no lines in this episode

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