Musical guest: Trent Harmon

June asks The Mayor to help introduce the next cartoon, What a wonderful day

Quotes Edit

Jim: That girl's being mean!

Tiffany: And crazy!

Emily: I'm crazy? You know what? Forget about cleaning up. It's bedtime. Say good night to my friends. Go. Get in bed. Get in bed. Come on, come on. Lie down. Lie down over there. Go! Lie down.

Declan: Emily, it's noon.

Emily: Well, that's the new bedtime! All right, I'm not kidding anymore! No more fun stuff! If there's any more screwing around, no TV, no dessert, no Christmas, Easter, 4th of July or Halloween!

Simon: Methinks, you're being ridiculous.

Emily: Night-night. Lights out. Just put your hands over your eyes and pretend it's dark out.

Laura: Come on, let's go.

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