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Erica: hey everybody, guess what? the reboot now has musical guests! Henry, June, your on the air!

Henry: as you wish! 

Corey: good luck on musical guests!

June: Please give a kablam welcome to our musical guest

Henry and June: the cheetah girls!

(audience cheering)

Cheetah girls: We can do anything

Just you and me, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, babe Wait and see

Hold on, sit tight Are you ready for a crazy ride? You're on your own, it ain't right Something gotta give tonight

So if you wanna run, run and disappear You and I can bust our way right out of here

Together we can Shoot the moon, stop the rain, even ride a hurricane If we wanna Together we can Walk into space, save the human race Do you think we oughta, oughta? Do you think we oughta, oughta?

Here we take our time; we can have it all I don't think we're gonna make it on our own

Together we can Even ride a hurricane if we wanna (c'mon) Walk into space, save the human race Do you think we oughta? Together we can!

(Audience cheering)

Ryan: that’s all we‘ve got time!

Holly: but before we get going, let’s hear it for the cheetah girls!

Bert Pence: join us again next time. same KaBlam! time, same KaBlam! Network.

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