Musical guest: Mýa

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Moon Ska Stompers member: Wake Up The Masses!

Announcer Bert Pence: Assume the crash position. Hold on tight, take a deep breath...for a new kind of cartoon show.

Bert Pence: IIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s KaBlam! Where cartoons and comics collide! Now to take you inside and turn the pages, here are your hosts...Team Erica!

Erica: Hey! Welcome to kablam! 

Corey: that’s right, the musician girl has just finished the outfits

Ryan Malloy: Man, Oh Manitoba! who is here!

Henry: it’s the Offbeats, our friends, thanks to Erica, she drawn the outfits

Ryan Malloy: what?! That’s cool! Can I look?

June: sure

Erica: thanks to holly, she tailored the outfits

Henry: so, Erica, can you help out the four?

Erica: OK

June: Now let’s help the Offbeats practice

Ryan Malloy: ladies and gentlemen, presenting the group of unpopular friends, the Offbeats!

Henry and June: hooray! 

Erica: come on, let’s clap for these four!

Henry: Yay miss musician girl!

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